White House
in Orbit

by Reinder Dijkhuis and Geir Strøm
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DEC Mar 2003
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White House in Orbit is updated when the Interstellar Security Council tells us to.

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In bed with X8.5

X8.5 enjoying some
downtime He's the Super Secret Service's resident dish. Here's what X8.5 does after work, and what he wears while doing it. Yes, we've managed to lay our hands on a possibly compromising picture of one of the Orbital United States' top secret agents! Not that you can actually blackmail a guy like X8.5, mind; he'll just shrug it off, secure in the knowledge that everyone will think that fez is just the most 'it' thing ever.

Swimwear Special: Postcard from Algol 215

A futuro-nostalgic seaside postcard specialAs part of the webcomics Swimsuit event Babewatch, Jane and X8.5 have sent us a picture postcard from their favourite beach resort, the Algol 215 Playadrome. There may be more later: X8.5 says he's quite keen to flex his muscles for our eminent photographer, miss Lena Stiefeldraht (who in her previous careers was a dancer, actress and suicidal stuntwoman, and is rather good at making muscles look big and oily on film. She and X8.5 got on like a house on fire).

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