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White House in Orbit Burroughs Rohmer Dietrich & Brooks


The Orbital White House Curiosa Shop

Welcome to the Orbital White House souvenir and curiosa shop. Here you can buy surplus material from the Orbital White House library, courtesy of the First Lady's annual house cleaning. Also make sure to read the informative comments provided by president Perkins no-good pals, who smuggled in the stuff in the first place.

The sale is now open. Please point your shop-o-matic to the relevant department indicator, then instruct the bellhop to click your button.

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Here be wilde beasts and Martian princesses. And vice versa. Definitely not the kind of stuff your president should be allowed to keep on the Oval Bedchamber bedstand. -The First Lady

Sax Rohmer

Highly informative and most frightening intelligence reports on the yellow peril! I remain in doubt whether releasing this material won't unduly alarm the general public, but the First Lady was adamant. -President Perkins

Marlene Dietrich, Louise Brooks

Oh, la la! I'll have these, please. -Professor Buttumsup

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