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Note: only comics on prolonged hiatuses are marked as on hiatus. If a comic takes a brief break, I won't change its listing for that. Comics marked as ended may have completed their storyline or have been officially abandoned by their authors. MT and WK comics require a subscription fee to read their archives (but the ones listed here are worth it). If I need to explain the "Adult" and "mature" labels to you, don't go to those comics. "Collections" are websites where you can read several comics in one page.

Science Fiction comics Fantasy comics Horror comics Weirdness Workplace comics
Ceph Mature
Schlock Mercenary
Space Losers
The Wandering Ones
Acid Reflux
Bitten Apple MT
Blood Lark on hiatus
Bruno the Bandit
Courtly Manners MT ended
Elf Life
Fight Cast or Evade
Lovarian Adventures
The Pantheon Adult
There Be Elves
Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan MT
The Sinner Dragon Adult
True Magick ended
The Weird Worlds of Pewfell Porfingles MT
The Wings of Change
Ancient Messages ended
Clan of the Cats
Scary Go Round
Blotto Street on hiatus
Bobbins ended
Cap'n on hiatus
College Roomies from Hell
Fred the Clown MT
HappyGoth MT ended
Zap Jones on hiatus

Absurd Notions on hiatus
Cool Cat Studio ended
General Protection Fault
Get with the Program
Loxie and Zoot Mature
Silly Cone V
Newspaper strips Uncategorised (for now) Collections Organisations
Nemi (in Norwegian)
Hutch Owen MT
The Belfry Collected Comics
Chelsea's Court
Warpkeen WK
Modern Tales
Nukomix (Dutch)

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