White House in Orbit

by Reinder Dijkhuis and Geir StrÝm

The weirdos who create this nonsense!

Reinder Dijkhuis, Artist/co-writer

A former Webdesigner who is now pursuing the holy grail of professional cartoonist-hood, Reinder is clearly certifiable and should not be approached without a stun gun. Some of the more sordid details of his existence are found on his personal homepage. His other ongoing comic is called Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, and seems to be well-liked. If reading that and White House in Orbit doesn't satisfy you, go to the full list of his online comics.

Despite being mad as a hatter, Reinder is otherwise rather dull, really. In fact, he's probably harmless. But take the stun gun just in case.

Geir StrÝm, Writer

Geir StrÝm surrounded by some of his staff.
Not nearly so harmless, Geir StrÝm has access to military computers and knows how to make them issue the "fire" command. He is also periodically hairless, which is why he got himself a cat with lots of hair. As you all know, no one looking like that should be trusted any farther than you can spit a rat. All that stands between him and world domination is his preoccupation with small-scale comics projects that are almost certainly doomed to failure. Ah well, at least it keeps Reinder busy inside his little padded cell.

Geir is keeping you abreast of his many nefarious plans on his personal home page.

© 1998-2001 Geir StrÝm, Reinder Dijkhuis