White House in Orbit

by Reinder Dijkhuis and Geir Strøm

About the comic

White House in Orbit is a science fiction comic like your ancestors would have made it - and in fact often did. You've probably seen or read those old articles or illustrations that aimed to give a glimpse of the future, where the future is always the present - but with shorter skirts, bigger TV's, faster than light space travel and video-phones. Or those movies in which the earth is invaded by bug-eyed monsters that are really the Chinese, or Communists, or whatever the bogeyman of the day was.

And guess what? We like those old yarns. The innocence of them, the dated style, the raging paranoia. It's a weird package that invites parody, but its also goofy, mindless fun to read. So as a homage to the futures of the past, we've built a future world as it would have seemed plausible to some schmuck reading the pulps in the 1920s and 30s.

Some of the stories have been published online before. We will start with a remastered edition of the two stories that are already finished, at a pace of 5 strips a week. After that, we will try to get the next story done as soon as we can, and when it's finished, we will run that at the same pace. In other words, there may be breaks but we'll try to make sure they'll be short ones.

© 1998-2001 Geir Strøm, Reinder Dijkhuis